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Technology Package - Todd Halpen

Holiday Technology Package

Includes 3 comprehensive sessions using some of the best technology in the game today.

Session One (One Hour)
- Hi Speed Video Assessment
- Discussion on swing technique, mental game strategies, pre/post shot routines
- Determine the best 3 drills for swing technique improvement

Session Two (One Hour)
- BodiTrak pressure mapping
- Learn how your footwork determines how your entire body leverages the ground for power
- Fix your swing issues from the ground up and make progress that stays
- Fine tune drills to correlate with foot pressure

Session Three (One Hour)
- Trackman Combine (to be done a few weeks after, and scheduled on own time)
- How to use Trackman to build practice sessions
- How to use ball flight goals to shape swing mechanics


Todd Halpen 403.803.3290 or @GolfProYYC
Jamie Reimer 403.669.4571 or @ReimTyme